FEBRUARY Venice Carnival

The Venetian Carnival is an international event becoming more and more important each year thanks to the participation of thousands of people who gather in the streets and squares. The Venetian Carnival is different from all others, because of the participation of the entire population and tourists from all over the world, as well as the city’s interesting past.

To experience the Venetian Carnival it would be necessary to take part in all the festivals and rituals, from the most ancient “Volo della Colombina” (Flight of the Dove) from St. Mark’s Belltower, to the most recent “Festa del Gentil Foresto” (Traditional Welcome celebration to foreign Guests) also in St. Mark’s Square. There will be many opportunities to celebrate the Carnival in St. Mark’s Square with dancing, carnival costume parades and performances by the renowned players of the Commedia Dell’Arte theatrical Company.

Four routes will be organized across Venice enlivened by performers from all corners of the globe. Visitors be able to stroll through the city in a magical atmosphere and take part “Great Carnival Game”, in the hope of winning the attractive first prize, enjoying themselves at the same time. As well as the entertainment in St. Mark’s Square, the Venetian Carnival is also famous for its concerts, which are held in the various churches of the city, for the theatrical performances, in the great Venetian tradition, and above all, for the magnificent festivals and balls, all taking take place in the unique setting of some of the ancient Venetian Palaces.

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